Rotary Professional Information Evening

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Already for the 55th year, the Antwerp Rotary clubs organize the professional information evening for the students of the last year of the humanities. Our club has been very actively organizing the event for several years, both in front of and behind the scenes.

This year it was RC Antwerp Wilrijk Terbeke's turn to take on the chairmanship of the organization. No fewer than 3000 students have registered to request more information about 75 professions from +/- 150 informants. Since covid did not allow us to organize the event in the buildings of the University of Antwerp, we organized an online event for the 2nd time. A team of 6 people from Rotary and 3 from the university provided support for possible problems at the university itself (including Annemie and Eric) while the informants could answer questions via Teams. John was one of them.

For each of the professions we had provided 2 informants, one of whom looked at the chat box, while the other could answer the questions. Sometimes up to 50 students were present in the meeting at the same time, which is of course not possible in a meeting where the students sit at a table like in other years. Everything went perfectly. It was again a great success, although the organization hopes that next year the organization can take place again in the buildings of the university.


In a normal year without covid, the informants are treated to a cold buffet at the end of the professional information evening. Since this edition took place online, the committee decided to send the participating informants a gift voucher from FNAC for EUR 30. As every year, the total bill of the event is divided by the number of clubs.

  • Printing: € 680.02
  • Annual cost website: € 65.87
  • FNAC vouchers: €4,290.00 (143 vouchers @ 30 EUR)
  • Total: €5,035.89

In this way, the contribution for our club is EUR 419.66 for the 2021-2022 working year (EUR 5.035.89 / 12 participating clubs). Next year Rotary Club Antwerp South will chair the committee.

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